Currently, the app is integrated seamlessly with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – a top-of-the-line social integration that results in a 2-3x improvement above most event technology vendors. It takes less than a minute for an event attendee to log-in and post their photo. And with the patented “Tag your Friend” feature, an average of 2-3 people are tagged in the photo reducing the time per person to 20-30 seconds. 


In addition to branded photos, event guests can also share articles, links to e-commerce or donation sites, and online videos on social media with just one click.


At live events, the Internet connection can be very hit or miss. Our technology is designed to perform regardless of Internet availability.  We ensure real-time content sharing while on-site which improves social share rates, digital engagement and, your overall experience.





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Currently servicing New Orleans, LA, and surrounding areas. 




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